What Are You Watering?

February 23, 2022

hey, I'm suzy
I'm that friend you talk business with. I believe you've gotta build your dreams one step at a time.

Let’s talk about waiting. Oh man, waiting for pretty much anything is so hard!! But you can wait in torture and hate every freaking day of the waiting, or you can wait in a place of trust. For myself, sometimes I choose torture, and sometimes I choose trust. And let me tell you it is so much less painful when I choose to trust and trust that my dreams are being watered. 

I have to share this analogy about bamboo trees with you. Did you know that a bamboo tree will stay in the ground being watered every SINGLE day for five years?? Then one day it starts to grow and can shoot up and will grow 90 feet in just 6 weeks? 90 feet in 6 weeks! Like that’s freaking bananas! It’s easy to see a tall bamboo tree and think “wow crazy that it grew that high!” and move on. But to see the whole picture and to appreciate the monumental-ness of it you have to remember the time of waiting. Those literal years of waiting and being watered with what seems like no results when the bamboo tree is just waiting in the ground. 

Just like those tall bamboo trees, it’s easy to also see other people as an overnight success. It’s so hard when it feels like everyone around us is just shooting up trees of success and we are just chilling in the ground for what feels like forever. But we’re thinking about it all wrong. That success took years and years of daily watering! And the watering process isn’t the glamorous part of life and business, so typically it’s not what people are loud about. I think we should be loud about it! It’s such a crucial part of life and business. 

Trust that whatever you’re waiting on in your life right now is being watered too. Your big ideas, your hopes, your dreams! Trust the watering process. Trust the speed. Don’t block the daily goodness being sent from the literal heavens. 

I think we block water by being so busy and not giving time to ourselves to be watered. I think we block it when we try to force up a tree when it’s not ready yet. Our thoughts like, “I suck, I’m not good, I’m lame, etc.” make us numb ourselves and we block water by comparing ourselves to others’ trees all the time. And this makes the waiting feel like torture. Seriously, that’s miserable!

Even if you’re not blocking any water, there are times in our lives where we just have to wait to grow. And we can sit there and wait in trust that we are being watered appropriately from the source and we WILL shoot up at the right time and it will shoot up more wild and beautiful than you ever imagined!! I have had some trees shoot up, and some I’m still watering and waiting on. But every day I’m watering my idea… my idea of more ways to bring thousands of women more abundance, more ease, and more happiness! 

In my own life, God was so merciful to not give me the timing I wanted. A few years ago I was an Instagram influencer doing all the ads, the giveaways, the sharing every second of my life on stories. I was running in the same circles as my friends who now have a literal million followers. While I was actively in that space I just kept thinking, “Why am I not shooting upwards at the same time as all my friends?? We are doing the same things!” This waiting felt like torture! 

I’m so grateful now that God kept me in the ground a little longer. Now I can see that we weren’t growing the same trees. His plan was perfectly timed for my life and my purpose on Instagram and in business. 

So, are you waiting in trust or in torture? Is your idea being watered every day just like the bamboo tree? I seriously love this analogy. You will sprout sooner or later! Just soak in alllll that water!



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I'm Suzy

I'm that friend you talk business with. I believe you've gotta build your dreams one step at a time.

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