5 Ways to Celebrate as a Business Owner

February 21, 2022

hey, I'm suzy
I'm that friend you talk business with. I believe you've gotta build your dreams one step at a time.

You and your business deserve to be celebrated! No matter where you’re at in your journey! You are doing something that most people aren’t even brave enough to try. Seriously. I am so proud of you! Are you?? Do you celebrate all of your wins in your business?

5 Ways to Celebrate as a Business Owner

  1. Your launch!

You launched a freaking business! You hustled and strategized and created a product or service! YOU did that. No matter how your launch went, it probably felt super vulnerable, super exciting, a little intimidating, potentially disappointing, and totally thrilling. And the big deal is that you actually did it! Whatever fears you had going into it, you faced. Have you been a business owner for years and you didn’t celebrate your first launch? Celebrate your next one! OR celebrate the anniversary of your business.

  1. Your first sale!

Woohoo!! You made a sale! Ok technically I feel like there are two different “first sales” that you can celebrate! First off – any first sale counts! Even if your mom or your best friend is your customer. That is a sale! They see value in what you’re doing and are paying you actual money and receiving a product! Your product! Take a moment or a lot of moments and find a way to celebrate this milestone. Also, celebrate your first sale to a stranger! How cool that you’re able to serve them with what you offer and that they see the immense value in that?! 

  1. Making your business official, legally speaking!

This is huge! Claps and snaps for you for making it through all the paperwork and sometimes super confusing stuff! (Thankfully Google is your best friend and can get you through this!) Becoming a legit business is such an accomplishment. This is something that can totally switch up the way you think about your business and the pride you have for it. You are legit!

  1. A close call! 

Have you ever had one of those moments where something was about to completely fall apart or not work out the way it needed to?!? Ah I feel the stress just asking that question! Those situations are the worst! BUT have you ever figured out how to turn it around just in time and the day is saved?! Now that is the freaking best. Seriously it’s so exhilarating and can give you the ultimate business high. Celebrate that! You trusted your gut, you jumped in, and you made it happen. 

  1. Reinvesting in your business! 

You’ve launched, you’ve made your first sales, you’re legit, you’ve faced some close calls, and now it’s time to keep growing! Far too often business owners celebrate at the beginning of their journey or only when things are magical and they feel like they’re floating on clouds. But, I bet you know that feeling is only a sometimes thing. So, I want to challenge you to celebrate every little thing – especially during seasons of growing pains where you’re seeking to reinvest time, money, energy, and heart into your business. The fact that you would choose to do that is so cool and deserves to be celebrated! I see you hustling! Keep investing in yourself and your business and celebrate it! Because that is what is going to bring that next big win.

Obviously there is so much more that you can celebrate when it comes to your business and your journey as a business owner. Honestly I really think that every single thing deserves at least a mini celebration! Every step forward (and even your failures!) make your business what it is. Cheering you on all the way!



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