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HEY THERE, new friend.

I'm Suzy — that friend you talk business with. I believe you've gotta build your dreams one step at a time.

I'm just a girl from the Middle of Nowhere, Idaho. Who went on a personal treasure hunt for freedom and fulfillment. 

I didn’t set out to own multiple million dollar companies. I set out to take cute pictures of my baby in bows that I (not so carefully) crafted myself. But that creativity sparked something inside of me. That grew into a little baby flame as I started a photography business. Which grew into a decent fire as I started another business… which grew into a full on bonfire as I continued to feed that fire with passion and purpose. 

I didn’t realize until college that “female entrepreneurs” could exist. I have a memory as a child where I was at a banquet, in a ribboned blue dress watching my dad accept “business man of the year for Rexburg, Idaho.” I remember being so proud, thinking, “I hope I marry a businessman someday.” I wish I could go back to that little girl and show her that I became a business woman someday!

We have time freedom (I mostly help grow women's businesses with my time, because I’m obsessed and probably have issues haha). 

Location freedom: We recently moved to Arizona to try the sun for a few years. We summer in Idaho and catch fish by the dozens.

Income freedom: The “More Mundane Moments” scholarship program has my entire heart because I want this income freedom for those who never thought it could be possible for them. 

But beyond these freedoms, I’m (closer to) the version of me I’ve always wanted to be. I can’t believe this level of life exists.

And I want you to feel that too. 

Never without

McDonald's Diet Coke

favorite TRAVEL memory

In college, my husband and I once took a month long road trip across the US in our SUV. 

probably listening to

A podcast, while cleaning, while also jotting down business ideas, while also creating my next Reel in my mind.

favorite child

Juuuusstttt kidding... But I have Lucy (9) Jack (7) Archie (4) Fitzgerald (2) 


Enneagram 7, obvs.

Jack Canfield

You are not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it. You wouldn’t be allowed to have it.”

michelle obama

Just do what works for you, because there will always be someone who thinks differently."