In this immersive 3 hour event you will learn the formula to crush your launch goals. 

Launching is a skill that will serve your entire career! 

Over the last three years we've duplicated this strategy for six and seven figure launches on repeat!


Is there anything more disheartening than launching a new offer or business, falling short of your goals, and being left feeling like, "Why don't people care about this?" 

Feel confident that you know the strategies that will create the momentum to power you to the next level. 


It's very tempting to do one of two things when it comes to creating a new offer: 

send it out to the world without a clear strategy.

"I hope this works" isn't a formula, that's a disappointment waiting to happen. 

Sit on the launch waiting for "everything to be perfect."

Letting fear and worry hold you back from starting the dang thing for wayyyy too long. No more waiting and worrying. It's strategy time! 

But like any other business, your offer launch needs to be strategically planned in advance for maximum impact. And for that, you need to have certain things in place BEFORE you launch your offer and start promoting it.

You killed it with this class.
Amazing. I have watched it all the way through with extensive notes twice.
The value for this was insane.
I might go for round 3.

– lindsey b.

I can't express my gratitude to you! I've watched my "LAUNCH" recording so many times (even just as background at this point) and I just can't get enough of your liquid gold! 

– allie w.

I freaking loved the launch method & it gave me a ton of inspiration for the groundwork phase of my business and launch- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

– lexi w.

Endless takeaways. But the vibration in that room. I'm flying. You outdid yourself!

– kathryn t.

There are so many components to a launch.

How do you initially market it to the world? 
How do market the new offer in a way that feels fun and light, instead of scarcity driven?

In our IMMERSIVE virtual event, we will teach you everything we know about launching effectively.

For $275 you get years of knowledge zooming you through the process of how to launch.  Theres a "sold out" sign in your future! 

Only one of them is your killer service / product / new offer.

Launching the dang thing makes you clench up. 

I've got you!!!

"I don't know what I'm doing." 
"I don't know what I need." 
"How much will launching this cost?" 
"Is there a better way than what I've been doing?"

The details:

3 hour immersive event led by Suzy Holman
Watch on your own time, at your own pace!
Launch workbook
Launch analytics spreadsheet
Just one payment of $275


Does this sound familiar?


You started your business to gain more freedom but you are working 24/7. Can you spell burnout?!


You've been feeling major worry that what you're cooking up is going to fall flat because you're not sure if people will see it? 


You are about to launch and you're the only one who knows how epic your service/product is? 


You've invested soooo dang much time and money into this and you want that magic to launch into the world in a way it deserves! 


You're scared, period. You don't want to look stupid! 

The pre-launch system that creates buzz and excitement.

Multiple different launch strategies (paid and organic) so you can utilize the one that feels most aligned to you and your business. 

Common mistakes people make when it comes to launching something new.

Getting people invested in what you're doing. Energetically and financially! 

Common copy mistakes. Words are so powerful! 

Are you being the hero instead of the guide? How to switch the positioning of your offer to optimize success. 

In this event we will cover:

The offer story. We as humans relate to each other through stories. Is your story being told in a way that drives emotion to purchase? We will show you the way. 

SELLING! Make serving through sales your superpower once you understand the psychology of how to really help your customer.

Building momentum and anticipation is crucial! We will cover pre-launch strategy so this has maximum effect. 

Diagnose where sales are falling out of the bucket through our arsenal of best "after launch" practices. Refining your process is critical to improve at every launch. 

Launch timeline! We will cover different business models (service and product) so you can get a sense of what will work best for you.

Using your network to maximize the momentum without feeling needy or awkward. 

Customer journey of a launch 

How to use urgency in a way that creates sales.

This event is perfect for you if...

You are an entrepreneur or small business owner with an offer you know is awesome! 

You are ready for a successful launch, and willing to put in the work to make it happen! 

You’re ready to dedicate time to learning principles you can take with you your whole career.


​You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, fearful and you want confidence in your plan!!! 

YOUR Biggest Takeaways:

Meet Suzy

As a multiple seven figure business owner of Suzy School, Co-founder of product company Jovi, Suzy has launched more offers in five years than most people do in an entire lifetime. Let her teach you what has and has not worked for you so you can avoid some of the painful lessons she had to learn the hard way! 

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a business up and running yet is this for me?

Do you plan to launch that baby in the world? Then this is definitely for you! Come out of the gates hot! 

If I change my mind can I get a refund?

There are no refunds for this event.

I have weekly launches, will this work for me?

The principles of the formula apply no matter your launch schedule. We will provide examples of what is working for our company and others so you can find what fits for you! 

What is NOT included in the event?

There will be no 1:1 coaching during this event and we will not cover pricing of your individual offer.

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