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April 25, 2022

hey, I'm suzy
I'm that friend you talk business with. I believe you've gotta build your dreams one step at a time.

Recently, I was asked this question… “How do I appropriately match my talents/interests/passions with a realistic and sustainable business?” Actually, I get asked this question all the time. And let me tell you, this is one of the most important questions to ask yourself as you start your business journey! In order to have a thriving business AND an abundant thriving life you really need to find the intersection of what you love and what you can be paid for. 

To dive into this concept deeper, I want to teach you about a Japanese word and principle called Ikigai! When I first discovered this concept, I was obsessed!! I literally have to tell everyone about it. 

This foreign word was introduced to scientists who were conducting research in a small Japanese city. This city has a population that has three times more residents over the age of 100 compared to the average rest of the country! These people were happy, healthy, and living abundant lives! Most people never even really retired! What was their secret? Ikigai

What is Ikigai?

Your Ikigai is at the intersection of… 

  1. What you are good at 
  2. What you love doing
  3. What the world needs 
  4. What you can be paid for 

So, how do you find your own Ikigai? I wish it could happen in a snap! But you will discover this by constantly moving forward, asking yourself questions, and realllyyyy paying attention to how the four parts of Ikigai are falling into place in your life. Will you find your Ikigai on the first try? Probably not! And that is OK! Don’t put pressure on yourself.

Questions to Help You Seek Ikigai

Here are some guiding questions to start pondering as you seek Ikigai! 

  • What do you seem to be doing when time just flies by? 
  • What are you good at? Are you good at making people feel good? Being artistic? Playing soccer? Making Instagram reels?
  • What is the world missing? 
  • What brings you joy daily? 
  • What can you be paid for? Like legitimately paid for! 
  • What have you always wanted to try? 
  • Who do you want to be like in business? 
  • Etc, etc, etc! There are sooo many questions you can ask to seek your Ikigai. 

Ikigai is so important when it comes to life and business because if you build your business only off what you love to do, you may never be paid well, and not being paid will definitely bring lack into your life. But on the flip side, if you build a business only on things that you can be paid for, then you will lack freedom and fulfillment. If you set out to meet the world’s needs only, you may neglect your own needs and feel sad. Does that make sense?? Do you see why the concept of Ikigai can guide you to living the most fulfilled abundant life as you both live and run a business? 

Too often we idealize the idea that fulfillment and abundance comes after grueling hard work. Kind of like going to work to make money to go on vacation. Living for vacation is honestly pretty draining in my opinion! That is why I love the concept of Ikigai so much. You literally can be fulfilled through the intersection of what you can be paid for and what you love! When you match your talents, interests, and passions with a realistic business it opens up a whole new world of abundance. I want this for you sooooo much! That intersection may feel hard to find, narrow, and small but I PROMISE it can be found! 



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I'm Suzy

I'm that friend you talk business with. I believe you've gotta build your dreams one step at a time.

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