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March 7, 2022

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Hi! Ok I HAVE to talk to you about vibrations! I am obsessed with this. Seriously, once I discovered the vibrational emotional ladder, I haven’t been able to keep myself from having this conversation with everyone I come in contact with!! I just have to work it into everything. Even my kids are hearing about it 24/7. So OF COURSE I have to share it with you too! 

We, as humans, are vibrating beings. Quantum physics tells us that everything vibrates. Protons, neutrons, electrons – everything has a vibration – including our thoughts, our words, and our emotions. Vibrations are so important because they are everything for your success and your happiness.  And who doesn’t want those things?? I believe that if you change your vibration you can change your life AND your business. This is so important!!!  

Different feelings have different rates at which they vibrate. This creates the vibrational emotional ladder. The lowest on the vibrational energy ladder is shame, hate, fear, anger. The highest on the ladder being enlightenment and abundance and joy. You can literally FEEL the vibrations from these emotions! 

Don’t believe me? Here’s an example… You know how when you walk into a room where people have been fighting you can literally feel it in the air? I know you’ve experienced this!! That’s because of the vibrations of the negative emotions like anger, blame, and frustration. Those low ladder emotions give off that negative palpable energy. 

The vibrational ladder looks something like this… 

Attract Your Vibration

Where on the ladder are you living most of your life? Because where you are living is what you’re attracting more of. Are you vibrating at the top of the ladder or on the bottom? If you are living in the low zone of anxiety, worry, and discouragement – you’re going to attract more anxiety, worry, and discouragement into your life. But if you are living at the top of the ladder in joy, abundance and enlightenment, you will attract that. The same goes for your business! If you are operating your business from a place of scarcity or anxiety, that is what it attracts. If you operate your business from a place of abundance, you will attract more abundance! Like attracts like. Pretty cool right??

Obviously we are humans and we experience emotions allllll over the ladder – from the top to the bottom and evvvverywhere in between. This is so normal!! But, we have a “home frequency” where we are living most of the time. 

Where Are You Vibrating?

I want you to do an honest assessment… where on the ladder do you think you’re vibrating right now? Determine what that is. If you are vibrating low on the ladder, what can you do to climb up the ladder? I use this with my kids all the time. I ask them “are you being low ladder right now?” It’s something they understand because I believe that it’s a concept that all of us as humans can connect to. It’s a fun game to quickly switch your kids position on the ladder. Usually I can help my kids get closer to the top of the ladder through silliness and fun. Same goes for yourself and your business. Assess it, and figure out what you need to do to change it. Make it fun too! Seriously, it will change your life and business one day at a time as you practice this. 

ALSO you can make your own ladder that you connect most with! If the terms on the traditional ladder aren’t ones that resonate with your soul, come up with your own words for the high and low emotions that you experience! I made my own ladder for business vibrations that I pick up and it has helped me sooooo much. 

So what do you think?? Are you ready to start incorporating this into your life and business? This is not psychology! This is science! How freaking awesome?! To learn more you can also dig into the Map of Consciousness by David R. Hawkins or the emotional guidance scale by Abraham Hicks! I cannot recommend studying this concept enough!



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  1. Susan Mallios says:

    Thank you Suzy for sharing!! The “ladder” totally makes sense. I will be sharing this with my children as well.


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