3 Selling Secrets

March 9, 2022

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Shhhh… want to know some selling secrets?! Sometimes selling can feel like a bit of a mystery – how to sell, the best ways to sell, the best time to sell! But in the end it all comes down to this… serving. Selling = serving. What do I mean by that? I’ve got three examples for you today! So, let’s get into it! 

  1. Deeply understand the transformation that what you’re selling provides for your customers.

Not only do you want to deeply understand it, you want to speak to it over and over and over again. People don’t buy products, they buy transformations. Why does someone buy a certain shampoo? Because it will strengthen their hair and make it shine. Why does someone hire a life coach? Because it can literally help them transform their mindset and way they live. The transformation is what they’re after.

SO literally sell the shiz out of that transformation. Your transformation literally SERVES your customers by solving a problem for them! Make sure you speak to it everyyyyywhere. Your website home page, your Instagram posts, your stories, your blog, with the influencers you partner with, by word of mouth – in all the ways you market for your specific product – make sure the transformation is the focus! 

  1. Nurture relationships with both your ideal customers and your current customers.

THIS IS KEY! Think about the restaurants that you keep going back to! Do you go eat time and time again at the place where everyone is always grumpy, your food is always cold, and they overcharge you? No! And if you do… stop doing that haha there are better places out there! There’s nothing better than finding “your spot” where the hostess knows your name, the food is delicious, and they treat you right. 

Same goes for any other business! You want to treat your current customers right. Give opportunities to get percentages off a purchase for filling out a survey, share their story shares from their Instagram to your Instagram, highlight the heck out of their reviews! Be responsive with your customer service. Serve, serve, serve! There are so many ways to nurture those relationships. This builds both social proof for your ideal customers AND it creates community with your current customers! Make them feel special. 

Speaking of ideal customers, you need to nurture relationships with them before they even buy! This is something you should expect and strategize for. Build social proof with reviews, speak to the concerns they might have about why they should invest in your product, and give them a chance to even try it first! That leads me to #3…

  1. Literally give away some of your best stuff for free. Yes, free!

You’re probably thinking… “FREE?! Suzy, why would you tell me to do that! My product is valuable!” I hear you!! But this is such an effective strategy for selling. Providing your ideal customers with free value is how you’ll be trusted to be paid for value. A few examples for you… Take a skincare or makeup brand. How often have you been given a free sample, you try it, you LOVE it, and then you buy it! Without being given the chance to try you likely wouldn’t buy – because you didn’t trust in the product! Because you hadn’t yet seen the results! 

Another example… you want to host a mindfulness retreat! How can you expect people to pay you to lead an entire weekend experience if you haven’t shared any of that value with them yet? Show up on Instagram, host a live, offer to lead a short session at another experience! This PROVES you are going to pack your own retreat with so much value and leaves your ideal customers wanting more. 

Providing proof, building trust, providing proof, building trust, providing proof, building trust. Serving, serving, serving! That is where it’s at, and giving away a little bit of free value is going to bring in waayyyyy more sales! 

Do you see how each of these selling secrets SERVES your customers?? When you have these strategies locked in, you are on your way to being a selling machine! Of course there are soooo many other selling secrets but you’ll just have to keep coming back to find out more 😉



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  1. Katie Parsons says:

    How do you sell interior design and decorating services? My niche is aging in place design and design focused for your mental health

    • Suzy Holman says:

      These three tips work for any product or service you’re selling – I would especially focus on #1 for your business!

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