My Favorite Apps for Content Creation

April 13, 2022

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Do you ever feel like you’re constantly second guessing how to make your content for social media the best it can be? Or does content creation feel like it’s a full time job ON TOP of your literal full time job? I completely have felt that. And then it actually feels like there’s one million bajillion different apps on the app store that claim to make content creation easier, but in the end just leave you having to use soooo many different apps and feeling even more confused! 

Enter: my favorite apps for content creation! Seriously, these tools will help you really level up the way you use social media and the way you create for social media! There’s an app for literally everything. Planning, creating, editing, branding, etc, etc, etc! Here are my top 4 apps for content creation… 

1. Planoly 

Ok I LOVE this app!!! It is perfect for anyone who wants to pre-plan their content, organize their grid, AND have an app auto post to Instagram for you! It seriously makes life so much easier. While aesthetics isn’t everything, it can be beneficial to see what your grid is going to look like. With Planoly, you are able to preview your grid, move it around, and rearrange it so you can see your content together. It’s all about flow! You know? 

And it’s like having an Instagram assistant in your back pocket. If you’re a planner that likes to plan ahead, this is absolute gold. Schedule your content to auto post so it can do the work for you! This removes the need to be glued to your phone all day, every day. I love an app that can give me my time back.  

Later and Preview are two other awesome apps that can do very similar work for you as well! 

2. Canva

Canva is actually magic!!! I cannot sing their praises enough. Seriously. An app like Canva can help you to get those professional looking graphics for logos, Instagram posts, ads, and more! Pretty much anything you need, they can help you make. There are so many awesome templates that you can plug anything into and play with to get what you want. You can also upload your unique brand fonts and colors so you can create cohesive content. Even better, the basic version of Canva is free AND it is sooo user friendly. Anyone can use it! It is such an amazing resource and we use it about 400 times a day in our company. 

By using Canva, content creation is simplified because it helps you maintain the visual identity of your brand without wondering if you actually used the same fonts or the same colors. This is the app for that, hands down! 

3. Lightroom 

My favorite app for photo editing! I recommend getting a preset. Do you have an influencer where you just LOVE the way their photos always look? I’d be willing to bet that they have a preset pack you can buy. You’re able to add those presets to Lightroom and boom! You’ve got a cohesive vibe for your photos! My favorite presets are Jess Kettle – use code SUZY10 for 10% off! You also can go for it and edit everything on your own in Lightroom too. Lightroom also maintains the quality of your photos which is a 100% must in order to maintain professionalism for your brand with your visuals. 

I love love love that I can use Lightroom on the go on my phone. It takes away the need to rush to a computer when I want to post in the moment! Are you picking up what I’m putting down here? Any app that makes my life easier is a WIN! 

4. InShot 

Finally, InShot! In Shot is THE app to use for simple video editing. This comes in handy especially when creating any sort of video content for your social media platforms, particularly Reels and TikToks. It allows you to edit ONCE vs. editing in app for each platform. InShot can help with trimming clips and piecing everything together to create whatever you’re wanting with the footage you shot! 

There are plenty of other expensive video editing softwares, but I recommend InShot for the basics! They have everything you need!! 

Each of these apps are timesavers, moneysavers, and just overall awesome! Anything that can help make content creation a little bit easier is a big win in my book. You have too many other things to do with your time!! I hope these help you like they’ve helped me!



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