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February 7, 2022

hey, I'm suzy
I'm that friend you talk business with. I believe you've gotta build your dreams one step at a time.

Marketing funnels! Marketing funnels are absolutely needed for your business and way too often I see people focusing on the wrong part of the funnel! 

And what funnel is that? Instagram

A lie that a lot of business owners believe (including myself for way too long!) is that Instagram is the best marketing funnel and that a lot of followers = a lot of money. But actually, you only need a small audience that knows you, likes you, trusts you, and is interested in the problem that you solve to make good money! 

So, let’s debunk the myth that gaining more and more Instagram followers is what drives your marketing funnel.

First off, let’s get a basic understanding of a marketing funnel! We’re going to break it down into 3 levels: awareness, interested, and decision.


This is the top portion of the funnel and that’s where we want to get potential customers to know we even exist! We want to get as many eyeballs as possible on our businesses so we use tools like Instagram (see! Instagram is helpful for the awareness portion of your funnel!), blogs, Pinterest, collaborations, Facebook, events, etc. This is how you get the eyeballs on you to make your ideal customers interested in what you sell. You are building the know portion of know, like, and trust here.


As more and more people become aware, the people that really like what you’re doing will move to the interested portion of your funnel. How do you know that they have moved from the awareness portion of the funnel to the interested portion? They are curious! These are people who have signed up for your email list, sent a question in a DM, their eyes are on your website, etc. These potential customers want to know more and it’s your job to nurture them and get them primed to buy! Use your marketing tools like email lists or text lists to serve your potential customers. Serve, serve, serve. Add value, add value, add value. Explain more about your product or service and educate on why you solve their problem. This is what will build trust.


Finally! They trust you! This is the decision portion of your funnel! This is where you ask for the sale! This is where you’ll share your social proof, make sure they know how to buy, you’ll direct them to your website to become an actual customer! They have decided to make a purchase. HECK YES.

Do you see how Instagram followers are such a small portion of the funnel? The myth of Instagram followers being the most valuable part of the funnel is debunked! LET’S GO! I know, I know creating content for Instagram and watching the likes and followers roll in can feel like the sexy part of the marketing funnel. But what’s actually the sexy part? THE ACTUAL SALE!! That’s what you want. So, don’t fall into the trap of investing too much into the awareness portion of your funnel. Invest your energy over and over again into the middle portion of your funnel where people are interested in you! Crush all parts of your funnel and that’s how you get that moneyyyyy! 

Every business’s funnel is going to look a little bit different! Can’t wait to see how it shakes out for YOUR business!



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