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January 26, 2022

hey, I'm suzy
I'm that friend you talk business with. I believe you've gotta build your dreams one step at a time.

This is it. Reels are currently theeeee number one way to grow on Instagram. I hear you already, “Reels are scary, I don’t know what to make, I don’t know HOW to make them?!?” I have felt that! But, it’s time to embrace that video content is not going away. It is here to stay and is literally taking over social media. So, let’s go through a little run down on reels right now to make it a little less daunting!

The Goal of Reels:

The goal of reels is to provide a quick hit of something with a good hook moment to draw people in!

  • A quick lesson 
  • A quick laugh 
  • A quick inspiration 
  • A quick transformation 

The goal of reels is VIEWS. Views are what you’re after instead of worrying about the likes! The amount of TIME people spend watching is the key factor. So, make sure that you have a good hook moment in the first 2-3 seconds to draw viewers in! 

The Why:

When you dive into making a reel, you have to think about WHY it is you’re making it for your audience.

Before you record the reel think: 

  1. What is this value I’m hoping to provide here? 
  2. Is this related to my niche?
  3. Does this forward my end game goals on this platform? Going viral for the sake of going viral won’t grow your business.

(P.S. It’s okay to test what feels good!!!! And learn from ACTION instead of thoughts! Experimentation is everything!)

The What:

What on earth do I post?! I gotchu!! 

First of all, RESEARCH. Spend time researching reels, saving trending sounds, and studying what works! If you see a viral reel, find a way to make it your own and relate it back to your niche! 

Think of content in these four buckets: educate, inspire, inform, entertain.

A few ideas that convert:

  • Teach a skill step by step
  • “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but….”
  • 5 ways to…
  • How I got from … to …
  • This may lose followers but…
  • Myths about your industry

Another piece of reels gold for you… Make sure you’re using trending sounds!!! How can you know if a sound is trending? Tap the sound in the bottom right hand corner of the reel. If it’s trending you’ll see an upwards arrow next to it! Save these sounds to use when you see them.

Screenshot of Instagram trending song.

The How:

Ok, the how. It doesn’t need to be difficult! AND the more reels you make and the more you practice editing, the easier it is going to get! 

THE HOW = A sandwich! You’re going to sandwich the gold in between a hook and a Call To Action.

  1. Hook – what will this video be about in the first 2-3 seconds
  2. Pack the center with soooo much value – this is even more important than the caption!
  3. CTA – You have to provide a Call To Action in every.single.reel to promote growth! Examples…
    • Follow for me
    • Save for later
    • Do you agree?

OKAY! How’re you feeling about Reels?? The amazing thing about them is that they help you reach an entirely new audience. How freaking cool is that?! Go make one right now! I KNOW you’ve got it in you. The name of the game is the more content you create, the faster you will grow. Reel it up!!!

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I'm that friend you talk business with. I believe you've gotta build your dreams one step at a time.

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