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You must, if you are checking out the Suzy School Elite Retreat! Do you feel something stirring in your soul that you JUST.CAN'T.SHAKE?! Do you believe you are right on the edge of something great, but you aren’t exactly sure how to seize the opportunity? Maybe unsure of which opportunity to take? 

This is a custom program built to maximize your impact and income.

Every retreat looks a little different because of the women that we accept. But what always stays the same is that our goal is to help your baddest business self meet your highest self. It’s a combination of soul and skill required to reach big goals. Using our proven system, we pull all your unique genius out of you help you package it, marketing it masterfully- translating it to your business and your brand. 

Being stuck, worrying about a plateau, wondering if you will “run out of relevance” is no way to live. We help you learn what you need, help you put strategies into place to feel confident in your growth plan! We’ve helped 2x, 4x, 10x dozens of businesses. We know what you need to know and we cannot wait to help you!! 

Before the retreat starts the homework starts. Your coaching starts before the retreat as we spend time getting your business in the best possible place to maximize the retreat results. You, Suzy and the team will have a clear understanding of the current state of your brand before you walk through the doors so we know how to help you push to the next level. Suzy has built TWO multi-million dollar brands, and three six figure brands from her personal platform and she doesn’t hold anything back about how she did it. She wants you to do it too!!! 

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This is for you if:

You have a profitable business that you are looking to scale.

You want to get in the circle of women who are playing big 

(14 women in total will be selected)

You are getting ready to launch to the next level.

You’re ready to invest in yourself and your business to learn the principles needed to scale your business.

You already have an influence and want to maximize its fullest potential.

You want to create something that doesn’t require you to be “on” 24/7 until you or Instagram die… whatever comes first. 

The work begins four weeks before the retreat. We will gain a clear understanding of the current state of your business as you complete the exercises and assessments. This is “junior level business” and is not meant for beginners. Only those in the optimal position for growth will be accepted to the retreat, if you are selected then we know your business is something we are confident in our ability to help scale.

Very often we find that our mindsets and mental trash is actually what's stopping our growth. With our trained professional life and thought coach Jaime Gordon, we help to remove those mental blocks. Diving into the past and present to remove stumbling blocks. This is incredibly important work. It's tough though! Come prepared to open up. It is in this work we often discover the core of our brand, we connect with our purpose and things start to come into alignment. We focus an entire day on this work.

Here's What We'll Cover


Mental Work Coach



You will leave with the ability to hand your brand bible to employees, graphic designers, copy writers and others… start scaling with help! That first comes with understanding deeply how your brand works. Analyze the health of your funnel, learn how to create and market your offer in a way to maximize profit and impact. Marketing is the name of the game at this retreat. You will take the guess work out of forwarding your brand and know exactly what is required to grow your business! You will understand the framework for growth and be clear in your unique strategy. Your strategy will be created with you and the team. 

Brand Book


We break down the verbal and visual identity of your brand and you have a mini brand photoshoot that aligns with that identity. Becca of @heybeccaphoto is unmatched at capturing the true essence of who women actually are. We have an inkling (because this happens to most) you will come home from the retreat and launch a new offer! These photos can be used for websites, emails, social content and more. Becca's ability to portray you as your brand is amazing. Professional photos + solid branding + high value content = content that will CONVERT!

New Content!



We borrow a page out of billion dollar brands' books and while you are at the retreat you will be creating and conducting your own survey to gather insights about what your audience would benefit most from you, and what they would pay the most for. TEST, DON’T GUESS is our motto as we help you develop your own blue print to meeting the needs of your community while meeting your goals and driving forward your brands purpose.

Survey & Analysis


Suzy teaches how to get sky high story views. She has mastered the Instastories game with brands paying her triple that of others her size because of it. Learn how to do this.

Stories Masterclass


Suzy has had multiple million dollar launches of new offerings. There is a skill and an art to launching and you’ll get the entire playbook complete with email templates. 

Launch Planning


We craft or refine your offer, where the money gets made. The entire team and students put eyes on your offer. Is it strong? Is it compelling? Is it fulfilling a need? Solving a problem? Does your audience want it. We do not let you walk out of the door without a strong offer we believe will work to meet your goals.  

Offer Creation & Refinement


So much of the value of the retreat comes from the other women. If you are not a team player type, then this retreat is not for you. We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. We’ve had students collaborate making both parties hundreds of thousands of dollars before. You get what you give in the sisterhood, and if you are willing to give your time, talents and friendship openly then this retreat can be the greatest you’ll ever make. This group will be your accountability as you come home from the retreat. Monthly group coaching calls will be scheduled for 3 months after the retreat with Suzy. Your success is our success!! 

A Mastermind


Let's get into specifics!

Let's get into specifics!

Private coaching from Suzy and the other coaches. Coaching will be specific to YOU and your business! One-on-one coaching unlocks EVERYTHING! Suzy charges $50,000 for her private consulting clients, so to get her hands in your business for the price is bananas. 

A brand photoshoot

More food than you could ever dream of… our private chef provides delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Mayybbbee the food is everyone's favorite part. It’s the actual best with every meal feeling 5 star status. 

The Suzy-est swag bag ever and a 100+ page Suzy School workbook! Students refer back to this for years as they grow their business. 





Here's a breakdown of what the elite retreat includes:

Templates. Tracking templates, contracts, email marketing, launch plans and more.


The Details

This is an intimate retreat for 14 qualified women. It’s going to be out of your comfort zone, but it’s also going to be the most fun you’ve ever had doing business. 





A handpicked group of bad-A women ready to take life into their own hands. This retreat is invite-only!

An elite retreat hosted by yours truly! 

Scottsdale, Arizona


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Attendees are hand selected by Suzy based on a variety of factors. Good luck! 

katie found her community

“There was so much learning & growth that took place there, but the most impactful thing for me was the friends made. Honestly.”

Making friends is hard and I never had any. I have always had a few close friends but never felt apart of a group. My Suzy School sisters became that group for me. A group of women that I can completely trust and lean on. They cheer on my successes and give the constructive criticism I need. We formed a bond because we all had a similar goal in mind and didn’t care how much it took. 

In the 9 months since I’ve been home from Suzy School, my account has grown over 25k. My income has grown significantly. I was able to pay off $62k in debt. Suzy School helped me see my purpose and I have more confidence in myself and my ability to achieve my goals!

chrissy quadrupled her income

“Suzy School literally changed my business… and my heart.”

I’ve done lots of business coaching before and read lots of books but Suzy School was actual magic. I clarified my goals, figured out my direction, and got tips specifically for growing a business on social media. Your experience and advice was invaluable. I feel like I can serve my community so much better now, and can help so many more women.

In the last 6 months I have tripled my following and quadrupled my income. QUADRUPLED. The income I had… TIMES 4. What?! We’re saving for a down payment on our dream home and we’re almost there. Thank you so much. Thank you for teaching me how to actually execute my goals and dreams. I’m so grateful!!

brittany got unstuck

“I went to Suzy School to get unstuck. Only three weeks later, and I have almost THREE THOUSAND new engaged followers, a new business plan that has already brought in 70k in sales (not a typo), and a forever reminder: the magic is already in you.”

Suzy is the professional hype-girl meets business strategist who throws opportunity around like confetti- that you never knew you needed but will forever be grateful you found!!

casey had a complete breakthrough

“Attending Suzy School was a complete breakthrough for me on many levels.”

I applied with the hopes of receiving valuable insight on my brand and business, I got all of that and so much more!

What I didn’t expect was the community that would be built in that sacred space. Suzy attracts the kind of women that support and lift one another up. I am grateful for the friendships that I made, and the ways in which we’ve shown up for each other.

I was given exceptional advice and strategies to implement with my brand and business. After leaving Suzy School I have seen a tangible return on my investment. I can’t speak highly enough about the experience and how worth it all of it has been.

natalie found her true passion

“I truly believe there is something magical within her where she can tap into your inner core and pull out your true passion.”

I attended Suzy School November 2019 for an entirely different business/social media page then I am currently running. Suzy helped set me on my current path and I am forever grateful for that. Since I created my new page just a few 6 months ago, I have grown from 1k followers to almost 18k followers, have made a five figure income from social media and just this last month made more via social media that month than I did as a part time pharmacist. If you’re passionate about what you do and willing to put in the consistent hard work that it takes to grow - I believe you could have the same results - if not bigger than I did/do.

Here's A Recap:

Coaching from Suzy and her team 

Lodging at an epic house in Arizona

All meals provided by a personal chef

A brand photoshoot

A sisterhood of business owners

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