Do you feel like you are missing something? Do you think... there has got to be an easier, faster way?

You're done playing small, and so over the trial and error. It's time to get serious and do what you were sent here to do.

If you're not messing around anymore, keep reading.

The coaching program to help you make your first $75,000 as a coach, without wasting any more time and money on trial and error. 

The coaching program to help you make your first $75,000 as a coach, without wasting any more time and money on trial and error. This is the place to be if you want to skip years of learning the hard way and get the knowledge and tools needed to transform yourself and your coaching business. 

I believe you were led to this page for a reason. You wouldn’t have this dream put inside of you if you weren’t capable of achieving it! But I know from experience that the messy middle stages of growing your business can be completely overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing. I’m not going to lie and tell you that the journey you're on is easy. On the contrary, this is not for the faint of heart . . . though you already know that! 

That is why you need a coach. Someone to help you navigate what to do if no one signs up for your coaching. If post after post is falling flat and you're not getting any traction. Someone who knows how to get you out of the mud. 

Welcome to  Evolution 

Your dream was given to you for a reason. It's a calling. It's a gift. It's a powerful portal waiting for you to step through.

I know

“ I started Suzy School with 5k followers and am now at 170k and making full time income all since December!! "

molly is making full time income:


“Suzy School gave me enough confidence and sorted out 'all the to-dos' into tangible steps to start - starting was the hardest part."

danielle found her confidence:


real results

Does this sound familiar?

Does this sound familiar?

You are making a little money, but it’s not consistent

You know you can help people, but they don't seem to even care? 

You feel confused and discouraged. Why isn't this moving faster?

You are frustrated that growth is taking so dang long.





Sounds like you’ve got that Sophomore feeling.

You know the one... you started, you are gaining traction, you're discouraged in this moment, but hopeful that you are a few tweaks away from smoother sailing! 

You wonder about giving up all together.


“I walked away with such a huge knowledge from what I showed up with! 

I truly feel like I can begin the process of starting a business now because of this experience and this sisterhood I'm now apart of! I felt seen and heard and so loved!”

clarissa is ready to start

Yes, It Really Works

“The info I learned was mind-blowing. The sisterhood formed was amazing!

Being a part of so many women coming together and lifting each other up was life-changing. Suzy is such a treasure. She just radiates joy, and this world is a better place because she is in it.”

krista feels supported

“Suzy School has helped me feel confident in my skills and what I can offer the world. 

I honestly could cry - I have dreamed for years of finding a way to turn my hobby into a business but never felt I had the right tools to be successful. I feel empowered to pursue the things I love without fear."

sarah is empowered

it's time!

It’s time to go from inconsistent income, to consistent! 

I won’t let you make the same mistakes I made. I overlooked the importance of the low hanging fruit like (email lists, funnel tracking, financial reporting, customer insights and analytics, creating content that moves the needle and more). I missed out on so much income, and wasted sooo much time! 


You have within your brain (the unique ideas), and within this course (the tools) and within your customers (the insights) to make this thing go! You likely lack a little clarity on how everything works together. Running out of money, lack of experience, vision, and poor marketing are why businesses fail.


I've started a business from the ground up, had it working a little and then gotten completely stuck. So I tried patch working free information from the internet, spent my fair share of time "throwing spaghetti at the wall" hoping something would finally stick. I’ve been where you are today, trying to find the confidence I needed to put myself out there in different ways. I sat in the sea of information from the internet with everything at my fingertips yet nothing at all because there was sooo mucccchhhh tooo dooo. I kept thinking to myself, “What do I even change? Where should my priorities be?” Mostly, I ignored 80% of the puzzle pieces and focused only on the ones I was good at (namely Instagram). 

I've been exactly where you are.

I want you to understand how all of the pieces of your business are working together! I want clarity and confidence in your marketing! No more confusion! 

guess what...

Sophomore Class


My method to get your business from from confused, to confident. 

I know, it sounds intense and it is. Running out of money and lack of experience or awareness are big risks for beginning business owners. We set the stage for the course here by gaining acute awareness on the current state of your business. 

Branding IS MY JAMMMMM!!!! I’ll tell you what: Branding is a science and an art. This is what people buy. We will develop your brand into something that stands out and feels authentically aligned. You’ll be given tools to create your vision as well as your verbal and visual identity. You’ll create a clear brand identity that is true to you.

Here's What You'll Learn

Business Health Assessment

Brand Development

module one

module two

How to get customers to want to do business with you. You’ll understand marketing, funnels, and making sales. This is the most actionable marketing module we’ve ever seen at this level, guiding you through what exact content to create to move people from “knowing you exist” to “purchasing your product.” You will be given insight on various ways to grow your business, and you will learn to make the most of your current audience and customer base to optimize growth and profitability. 

Marketing Magic

module four

You’ll take a look at your portfolio of offerings and decide what to add, take away, or refine. Using our system, you’ll perform a competitive analysis to learn what others are doing, so that you can do something different. You’ll be led through a high-level survey system to glean insights and analytics from your current customers and audience and curate offers filled with purpose and profit. Plus, you will get to answer that elusive question: “Is my pricing right?” 

Offer Refinement

module Three


In this module, we will cover how to grow your email list, with examples of copy that converts. We will cover systems, products, flows, and campaigns that you can’t miss! This will come complete with a marketing calendar, so you are sure to capitalize on the most important buying seasons. You’ll understand if text message marketing is right for you and learn the best ways to stay in touch with your customers. 

Email & SMS marketing 

module six

Having launched all my brands on social media, I know a thing or two about what I’m doing. :) You’ll learn how to make people know you, like you, and trust you. You’ll have an Instagram account poised to pay with the content-creation skills needed to look professional and (fingers crossed) go viral! You’ll see examples of what to start doing and what to stop doing.

The Social Media Playbook

module five

In this six-week course, you’ll go from “I have a business but I’m not confident in my ability to grow it” to growing it! You’ll be equipped with the training and tools required to move the needle significantly in your existing business. With hard work, aligned action, and bold action, you’ll get this party profitable, whether you own a product business, service business, or brick and mortar business!

This course covers content to help you grow, specifically with the help of social media, all from the comfort of your own home, on your timeline. Building a business is rarely a six-week sprint in a straight line. This course will be yours forever! Also, fair warning, this course will be challenging, because being a business owner is challenging! You know this, but you’re here; you keep getting knocked down in the arena and coming back for more. You are my kind of human.

Alignment and Ikigai module. This module will help you tackle limiting beliefs and set the course for building the RIGHT business. You can’t miss this module!!!! 

A private Facebook group of students going through the same things as you right now. The Suzy School sisterhood is one you want to be a part of! 

Six brand case studies (weekly) delivered via email to learn about what is working in other industries. You’ll get to peek under the hood of brands to learn what makes them tick, what levers they pull and when, and even see what activities move the needle the most in the company. Super insightful stuff! These case studies are GOLD, and you do not want to miss them! 

Sign up today and get these incredible bonuses:

bonus module

& Ikigai


A tool kit upgrade – having templates, tools, spreadsheets you you need to understand the cogs in the machine of your business

How does this sound?

An optimized offer portfolio



here's what you'll walk away with:

Confidence in your social media content plan 


A brand built for that raving fan culture 


An email list that crushes


The sisterhood you need to rely on when things get tough 


How It Works

Enroll today and get access to a bonus module to get started on RIGHT NOW!

First This

You'll get a new module each week for 6 weeks.

Then this

You will finish this course feeling ON FIRE! You’ll be well on your way to a purposeful profitable business. 

then this

A year from now, you will have wished you were further along…

So let’s stop wasting precious time and start now! 

Payment Plan

6 smaller payments

1 initial charge of $325

monthly payments for a total of 6 payments

all amounts are in us dollars

6 payments of $325

One Payment 

get the most savings with one payment!

one and done

amount is in us dollars

1 payment of $1697

select the plan that works for you:

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You know you are capable of big things! It’s why, despite the fear, doubt, and discomfort that comes with going all in, you still feel this dream tugging at your heart. Though, without a clear road map and guidance, it’s easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis. It’s easy to be busy, but you’re really just busy going in circles and need guidance to set you back on the right track. 

Putting yourself out there is really. freaking. hard. But, deep down, you know you were made for something more! 

You're in the right place.

The Suzy School sisterhood is unmatched! All the biggest “breaks” in my career have been because I’ve KNOWN someone. The network of Suzy School students is THE network you want to be in. You’ll be in a cohort with other students at your level to lean on! 

Grab your seat and get these bonuses today!

Free guide

Bonus Course Module


“This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.”


Have a portfolio of offerings you feel confident in 

Be able to make more money! 

Have a long term marketing plan that isn't built entirely off the instagram algorithm

Feel confident in the numbers game of your business

Be able to create compelling social media content that attracts and keeps a community growing

By the end of this course, you will...

grab your spot >

Have a clear vision on your brand identity, and will stand out in the marketplace

Suzy changed my perspective of business and my life through her program! She brings love and joy into her trainings!

— holly

“Literally the BEST business training I’ve EVER been to! ”

Before Suzy School I had a hundred ideas, but no plan to get there. Post Suzy School I have a thousand Ideas, goals, and actionable steps to get me and my business where I want to be! I have gained both knowledge and confidence in my business and in myself!

— aubrey

“I have a thousand ideas, goals and actionable steps!”

I'm Suzy, your biggest cheerleader!

Why should you trust me with this big investment?

This is the same blueprint I’ve used to build multiple six figure companies, and two multi million dollar brands across multiple industries proving that this really does work on any business. I’ve built a: 

A personal brand
A service based brand
A product brand
A brick and mortar brand

I’ve consulted companies in the pre- start stage, and corporations making mega millions. And now? I’m here to spill the beans and teach you everything I’ve learned about starting up your business. This system works.

more about me >

hey there!

But it wasn't always this way. 

There was a time I was a new mom, drowning in children and lack of confidence. I was unfulfilled, jealous, caddy, resentful for being home all the time and… you get the picture I was not my best self. It was when I started building my businesses I started to find myself! To learn who I was, and develop into the best version of me! I went from drowning mom… to happy mom. Nursing babies, washing dishes while I dreamed and schemed for what I could unlock in my business. My dream pushed me and pushed me and pushed me until now. My dentist husband just retired because of the success of my businesses. We have the time, location and income freedom. But beyond that… 


This course is the only one of its kind because...



Study at your own pace
(you get access to this course forever) 

get results through action

You tap into the greatest Suzy School network 

Follow a proven roadmap

You need to put some sweat equity into this to move the needle. Are you ready to change the trajectory of your life? Could you imagine what you could do with a 10% increase in income? What about a 30% increase? 40%? 400%? What if you became 10% more fulfilled? 30% more fulfilled? How would that change every interaction in your entire life? 

This program includes everything you need to do that thing.

Have that business you’re proud of. 

Change the financial trajectory of your future.

Find a more fulfilled version of you. 

Stop comparing your life to others and build your own dream life.

Open the next chapter of freedom.

Change the game for you and your family.

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

sign up now >

This is for you if you:

are ready to work your butt off 


are willing to put yourself out there 


want to take responsibility for your own future 

It's probably not for you if you:


Let's Do This Thing!


Payment Plan

6 smaller payments

1 initial charge of $325

monthly payments for a total of 6 payments

all amounts are in us dollars

6 payments of $325

One Payment 

get the most savings with one payment!

one and done

amount is in us dollars

1 payment of $1697

select the plan that works for you:

enroll now and get instant access to our bonus module!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this differ from Suzy School Retreats?

Suzy School Retreats cost $6,500 and are held in person a few times a year. Women apply and are selected to receive both individualized and group learning for their business. Suzy School, on the other hand, is an experience that fosters deep relationships and uncovers the heart, why, and alignment of business owners, giving one-on-one attention to each student at the retreats. This is a go-at-your-own-pace, take-by-yourself course. While some of the content covered in this course is also taught in the trainings held at Suzy School, not all materials from Suzy School are covered in these courses. At Suzy School, women bump shoulders and interact with Suzy one on one as well as ask personalized questions. That will not be the case with this course. You will not have individual attention given from Suzy.

What will I learn? 

Well, that depends entirely on you. This information has been tried and tested, curated, and created by Suzy. However, most of this information exists out in the world already. The power does not come from the information but from the person UTILIZING the tailored information to benefit their personal situation. Your brain will give you the ideas and inspiration it needs to create YOUR business. We do not hand you business ideas; we give you a system to find those ideas within yourself. 

Is Suzy School just for women?

No! Our system works for all.

Is this the right fit for me?

Well, that depends! At Suzy School, we have offerings for the different stages of running a business. This course is perfect for those who already have. business with offers that are out in the world. Check out our Junior and Senior-level offerings if you're further along in your business journey. Not quite that far along? Check out our Freshman class!

This may not be a right fit for you if you:
• Prefer one-on-one coaching
• Are too advanced (please check out our Junior and Senior offerings)
• Are looking for a “done-for-you” system to make money. Our system requires your own ideas, hard work, discernment, and intentionality
• Need secondary opinions before you make all the decisions
• Are unwilling to go through the confusion on your way to clarity
• Want advice on legal, tax structures, funding, manufacturing, or distribution (we don’t cover these topics for liability reasons).

Where does this program take place? 

100% online. Unlike Suzy School Retreats, this course is 100% digital, with only group interaction from Suzy. 

My business is unlike any other; will this work for me?

Suzy has consulted businesses of over 100 different industries. These principles and lessons apply across the board for anyone wanting to build their business using social media. If you need social media, then these courses are a good choice. If you have a product, service, brick and mortar, or influencer model, this will work for you. 
If you do not wish to use social media, 80% of the content will still apply; you will just need to get more creative with the mechanisms of use for doing things like “gathering survey insights.” As a result, you’ll need a place to send the content you will create to move people through your marketing funnel. 

Can I take this outside of the USA?

Yes! We look forward to seeing where you are from! 

Can my ____ and I take Suzy School together? 

You cannot. This is a single membership program, meaning one person per course. If you’d like to do the program alongside someone, we hope you’ll respect our work and the industry and enroll separately. 

How is Suzy School different from what I can find online? 

We believe all the free information in the world won’t help if you don’t take the time to apply it. Do the ideas taught exist outside of the Suzy School course? Yes. After all, there is no magic bullet in business. Building a successful business comes from what’s inside of YOU. We created a system of resources, ideas, tools, templates, and tricks that provide an experience that can guide you from one stage to the next of business development. 

Will I speak to, or get feedback from Suzy during the course? 

Suzy writes all the content delivered to you herself. However, there will not be one-on-one interaction with Suzy throughout the course. This is not a coaching program; rather, it is an online course where the best information is delivered in videos. Suzy does her best to answer common questions, but you do need to understand that not every question you have will be answered during this course. 

What is NOT covered in this course?

We don’t cover product manufacturing, distribution, insurance, trademarking, or anything related to legal matters or liability. Additionally, we do not provide contacts to grow your business. 

email us

Still on the Fence?

let's do this

We completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one and we’re here to help you see if this is a good fit.